Importance of Brand Collateral

Whether it media house, Facebook, insta, Just dial, you tube, twitter, LinkedIn etc., all these links apart from website and logo helps you to create a brand value. We sync it together, link all the sources to get you an optimum results of what you have done so far and understands the value of your hard work. Our team is specialized for brand collateral they know how we can promote a particular brand and what all tools are required for the same.

Various types of Brand Collateral that we can help with:

  • Website
    It is very important for every brand to have a well designed website of the company showcasing all the details right from the brand history, success stories, profile of the promoters and directors, offerings of products and services, core values of the brand, vision statement, mission statement, customer testimonials, to the contact details having company address, email addresses, and contact numbers along with the inquiry forms to generate the required leads.
    Apart from having the printed copies, other versions such as e-brochures and video brochures are also opted by the brand with the motive to be environmental friendly plus keeping the thorough pace with the technological advancements.
  • Business Cards
    The business cards hold a very important place in the list of Brand Collaterals as they are the first item of tangible brand collaterals that get exchanged during the meetings with the various investors, vendors, and outside parties. Right from the top management to the executives of the company, all have their respective business cards showcasing the brand name, logo, address, call to action, title, and designation.
  • Stationary Items
    Stationary items such as letterheads, envelopes, business dairies, notepads, pens, and other related items carry the brand logo, mascot, and tagline and are designed as per the finalized design theme of the brand keeping the creative aesthetics in mind. The paper quality used for the printing of letterheads and envelops is also selected as per the design elements and the nature and scale of the brand.
  • Corporate Brochure
    Corporate brochure holds a significant place in the list of Brand Collaterals as it dedicatedly showcases the brand’s journey right from its inception, profile of the promoters and the key members of the management, mission statement, vision statement, core brand values, objectives, fundamentals, and the details of past, current, and upcoming products and services offered by the company.
    It highlights the brand’s strengths and is usually circulated to the investor community and customers during the trade fairs, exhibitions, and during the point of sale.
  • Product or Service Brochure
    Next comes in line is the specific and dedicated brochure talking about the products and services of the brand. Right from nature, features, unique selling propositions, manufacturing techniques of the products, and how it is beneficial for the customers to some crucial details of the brand and the company are highlighted in the brochure.
    Apart from above, the list of Brand Collateral also includes packaging materials, powerpoint presentations, coffee table book, brand book, corporate videos, standees, signage’s, and other promotional materials that work as the tangible identity of the brand.