Why brand needs Digital Strategy

A logo serves as the signature look of the company . It represents all about your company and definitely one of the best thing about the logos is that it creates the recognition factor among the general public.

The above points will explain the significance of the logo.

  1. Reveals your unique identity
    We know the Global Brands with their logo and tag lines, just think about this that whenever we see an apple the first thing that comes in our mind is apple logo. This can tell the world/potential customers who you are, what type of product or service you sell, or what benefit you offer consumers.
  2. Customers get to know you
    We don’t live in a monochromatic world. People are drawn to interesting design and color. The logo that marks your package or adorns your storefront should be designed to draw interest and pique the curiosity of your potential customers, prompting them to at least look, and hopefully purchase your product.
    The logo for this line of skin care cosmetics perfectly communicates the product benefits—fresh, gentle, natural, healthy. Effective simplicity like this makes me want to pull it from the shelf and put it in my cart.
  3. Set you apart
    There are certain symbols that come to represent particular industries or products. For example, how many pizza places have you seen with a logo that features an Italian, mustachioed chef with a tall white hat and a wide grin? Maybe holding a ridiculously huge pizza? A good logo reflects who you are, but it should also distinguish you from everybody else. A good logo should dare to be different.
  4. Brand Loyalty
    From time to time, a company will redesign their logo, perhaps to update their look or reflect some other corporate change. As a marketer, we get this. As a consumer, we hate it. When we’ve become accustomed to my favorite brands’ logo and they change it, we feel a little betrayed. Now we’ve got to retrain my brain to look for something new. Brand loyalty is huge and something every business needs to foster. A recognizable and familiar logo goes a long way toward building brand loyalty.
    Both of these logos are bright, distinctive, and interesting enough to be memorable. Their placement on products would make finding them on a crowded shelf quite easy.
  5. Brand Value
    Placing your logo on all of your marketing, packaging, products, social media, website, etc. is a way to advertise your brand and your message consistently, whether it’s in the store, in your customers’ homes, online, i.e., everywhere you want to be. If you’ve developed your brand message and successfully tied it to your logo, everything you do and create becomes associated with the logo and the brand.

Some points about the benefit with a good logo design:

  • It helps you create a unique brand identity.
  • It gives the impression of stability and credibility.
  • It’s your brand personality.
  • It portrays a more polished image of your business.
  • A professional & good logo gives your marketing and branding efforts consistency.