Application development signifies the code development and deployment of all the computer applications we use today. Basically, an app is a software product designed to help us finish a task easier with minimal effort on the end of the user. Most of us use several app every day. If you own a smartphone or a tablet you may have encountered and used them to make your life a little bit easier.

Mobile application development and Web application development are similar because of their roots in traditional software development. However, one aspect that differentiates the two is that mobile application development is used to maximize the unique features of a specific mobile device.

Computer programming includes a broad spectrum functions. Application developers have a computer programming background to accomplish app creation and deployment. The reason why application development is uniquely distinguished from computer programming is that it involves many more steps before doing the actual writing of the computer program. All of these steps are collectively called a system’s development life cycle.

Types of Apps:
Applications are similar to desktop software. They only differ from desktop software in terms of its wide range of programming languages and frameworks. Even though the most popular operating systems have done an amazing job in making sure the types of mobile apps in development are meant to be user friendly, apps can take on a wide range of usefulness.

  • Native apps
    If you are familiar with platforms iOS or Android, native apps are created for these platforms by using software development tools and languages supported by those operating systems. Xcode and Objective-C is used by iOS while Eclipse and Java is used by Android.
  • HTML5 apps
    This specific mobile app takes an approach of a write-once-run-anywhere to mobile development. Apps developed by using this method are sure to be cross-platform compatible requiring only minimal changes for maximum performance of the operating system.
  • Hybrid apps
    This app makes it possible to embed an HTML5 app within it since it entails the creation of a container developed in the native system. We are working on the module where we provide cost friendly architecture to end user where they pay for one developer and take advantages of both the Platforms IOS & Android.