Solution Architecture

Before we dive into talking about solution architecture, let’s start by defining a solution. Quite simple, a solution is an answer to a problem. For a solution to have value, it must provide a measurable improvement to the situation at hand. A good solution will be the result of a collaborative effort, agreed upon by all decision makers involved.

What is a solution architecture?
In business, solution architecture is the translation of a project’s desired outcome into a solution document. The solution document identifies all the relevant technical components, roles, processes, and tasks that the project demands.

Each of these relevant domains (such as business, data, application, technology, integration, and security) must be addressed. This means identifying the unique demands and desired deliverable of each domain.

According to Forester Research, solution architecture is one of the key methods by which enterprise architecture delivers value to the organization. Solution architecture activities take place during solution idealization, solution design, and solution implementation. During idealization, solution architecture establishes the complete business context for the solution and defines the vision and requirements for the solution. During design, solution architecture elaborates potential options, which may include RFIs, RFPs or prototype development. It selects the optimal option and develops the road map for the selected solution. During implementation, solution architecture communicates the architecture to the stakeholders, and guides the implementation team. It helps in the business growth also.

Designing, describing and managing are the three key roles of solutions architecture, if you are have any trouble in reaching us we make sure that we give you a complete hierarchy of our work structure so it's very easy for you to reach us.

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